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Rodney Breyer, CLU, ChFC

Rod is the Senior Advisor at Heritage Financial. After working for other firms, he began to desire an “independent” platform in order to provide clients with a larger scope of investments. This prompted him to open Heritage Financial in 1995. Rod’s desire is to understand a client’s present financial status, determine their specific investment objectives, and assist them in managing their finances to achieve their stated dreams and goals. Each client’s situation is unique therefore; Rod’s skill in analyzing and developing personalized programs is an important part of our clients’ success in realizing their objectives.

Rod is committed to continuing education. In addition to updating his professional designations, he has received training from Ed Slott. Since markets fluctuate and tax laws change, he is proactive in helping clients stay on track to meet their changing goals, circumstances, and stages of life.

Rod and his wife, Lin, lived in the Reading area for more than 30 years. They have five children and thirteen grandchildren. They are actively involved in their church as well as their community. Rod has served on the boards of his church and the Reading Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.