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New Parents: Plan for Financial Success

September 18, 2019

As parents, we bear the great duty of raising our children to be strong, independent, and better versions of ourselves. This responsibility comes with many financial obligations to balance for the goal of setting them up for success and protecting their future. Here are a few critical objectives to consider:

  • Create a will. The will allows you and your spouse to make an informed decision about who should look after your children and how assets should be distributed upon your deaths.
  • Purchase life insurance. Insurance is valuable in enabling your loved ones to maintain their lifestyle in the absence of your earning power.
  • Update your health insurance. Having children means revisiting and updating your coverage to ensure that they’re eligible to receive dependent benefits.
  • Start a college fund. Parents can open up a 529 college savings plan, which allows them to invest money towards their child’s educational expenses. However, keep in mind to not put this ahead of your own retirement savings goals. Remember–you can borrow for college, but you can’t borrow for retirement.

Being a parent is not only a hard task, but also an expensive endeavor. Being prepared and having a plan in place for your children is important to get your family off on right foot. Questions? Call us and we’ll help you prepare for and navigate the changes in your growing family.

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